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I read a line yesterday in an article on the web -

“The dead are no longer welcome at their own funerals, so how can the living send them on their way?”

I have a rough idea of how to find the original piece again but I don’t really want to. You see, I’m a magpie when it comes to words. I like taking interesting lines or sentences and flying off with them and feathering a large word document with them on my laptop.

Those disjointed words can be more interesting when re-read out of context and I find can throw up a sparkling light that otherwise could be dulled when surrounded by reasonable rational discourse.

They can also feed my own writing and when I’m stumped in life or thought, I read back through this, now 100,000 word document which I have amassed, and something new always jumps out at me.

It’s a habit, one of my few good ones, and better still it works!

If only I could do something along the same lines for my painting?

Well, I do have my sketch books and I use them daily.  I don’t really care for sketching from life but more from memory. It enables me to distill down the experience to the original elements.

It could be a snatch of conversation overheard when I’m walking past someone talking on their mobile phone on the street. Or two fat ladies talking to the butcher at the meat counter. Or a child complaining to his or her mother about their lowly existence. Stuff like that.

Do the sketch and then write around it in large bubble like letters. Always looking for something – the artist’s mind. Looking for a way in, to unlock the secrets of existence.

At this stage of life, I can’t say that I’ve turned this practice into a coherent effective system for writing or producing interesting paintings. Scraps of paper are flung everywhere and fountain-penned sketches pile up in tottering wastepaper baskets.

It’s finding the gems and in this world today’s diamonds could turn out to be tomorrow’s winter coal supplies. Equally, the reverse could also be the case. So we persist in our practices, in the resigned understanding that we couldn’t stop anyway even if we wanted to. Life is just too interesting.

You many have noticed that I’ve re-arranged the galleries on the site; this is just to make your choice easier when it comes to purchasing and also to make room. I need a lot of room because there will be a lot of paintings, as the notebooks continue to fill up.


Printing Thoughts



I like writing everyday. Seeing my words online, sharing my thoughts. But sometimes it’s not that easy to do it in an authentic way. You really have to trust the process. That may sound like a cliché but let me give you an example.

One word normally dominates each post. It might not be very obvious to you, the reader, but it is to me. That one hidden word dictates the whole tone of the post, its direction. I build around that one word what it is I want to say. One word might not seem much but I have found its enough, if you trust it and follow it to its conclusion.

Which is fine when the word is, for example ‘”Pastels” or “Art Auction”. Okay, that’s two words but you catch my drift. But sometimes the word might not be really what you feel like writing about and you ponder if there is another word you could replace it with. However, to sink into the replacement game is a slippery slope and you could end up inadvertently killing the golden goose and losing what little voice you have grown to trust.

So enough, the word today is “Prints”.

“Prints?” harmless enough.

I sense your disappointment but let me elaborate.

Prints can be a dirty word in the art business. It is a loaded word open to lots of different interpretations. For some it can be the dirtiest, most detestable word in the artistic vocabulary and to be honest I’m not too gone on it myself, hence my hesitation in sharing.

For some it represents fake, reproductions, poor quality.

I’m thinking of offering prints of my work. There I said it. It’s out in the open, no real going back now. I want to offer people the experience of having some of my work at a very reasonable price in a way that I control. When I say control what I really mean is control to ensure quality. Quality prints, signed and numbered.

Of course, the original work is always here for sale and that will always be the case, but I’m finding some people just want a taste of the work, to dip their toe in the water. Think tapas. Think prints.

God only knows what the word will be tomorrow, but it’ll probably surprise me as much you, and I know I’ll enjoy writing about it. For now, think Prints, and watch this space.


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