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A Banksy in the Living Room

scarecrows and horse

scarecrows and horse

Kids and paint, a pretty potent combination.

Creativity, unbridled, unleashed with refreshing abandon.

Only trouble being, paint gets everywhere. I am not very regimental in my parenting skills.

Dried in paint reveals my lassitude in this area.

I notice one particularly interesting blob of blue paint on a skirting board this morning.

It looked like it had fallen from a height, or more likely flung from a fast moving brush.

Either way it landed with reckless abandon and looked remarkably like a Banksy stencil. The image, as far as I could make out was the outline of a child with a watering-can looking down at a wilted flower.

Surely it was not intended?

It just happened – free falling painting landing fortuitously.

In the morning sun, my gaze drawn to a place I would not normally look. Surprised by a Banksy.

It will have to be scrubbed off, at some stage, but not today.

Today we will marvel at the joys of falling paint and the grace of wherever it may land.

Some paint has landed on these with more deliberate intention, if not equally remarkable results.

Then again, let you decide. I like them.

Happy Wednesday.

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