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Anyone for more Stromae?


I have so much to say this morning and very little time to say it. So let’s go. First off, on the drive to work this morning, two days before Christmas, no crazy traffic just the few die hards. Traffic lights.

Whose hit the pedestrian light?! Geez – it’s seven in the morning – who would be so insensitive?

Then he walks across. Oversize headphones on his ears. Bald, forties, small and dressed sensibly, too sensibly like someone actually laid out his clothes for him and told him these are Wednesday’s clothes – do you understand? He may have nodded.

He walks slowly across the road, traversing three routes. J-walking is still a crime in this country!

He is pulling a small suit-case by the extended handle, rolling it slowly on its small wheels over the disjointed tarmac. I guess he’s making his way to the train station at this hour, home for Christmas, wherever home may be. The lights change, I pull off.

A group of young guys and gals, in T shirts and night club wear, laughing coming down the road. The juxtaposition, nothing more nothing less, just a big gaudy word is all I can think of – the juxtaposition.

Once in front of the computer, I set to work, but first Stromae, the greatest singer, Belgian no less, no one has ever heard of in the non-French speaking world but he is brilliant. I love his stuff. He states in a TimeOut Article and I quote –

“Before music there was just art, and actually art is just bullshit. It’s so useless, you know? And next to a father, next to a baker, next to necessary jobs, you see that art isn’t really a necessity. That was a big lesson for me.”

An awkward beat. I just stare at the words. Then I whisper ‘Why would he do this to me’, ‘has he been reading my stuff, looking at my paintings?’. Then I laugh, loud hysterical hyena type guffaws that make the cleaning staff look up, worried. I’m just having a little joke. They’ve heard it before; it’s just me and my blog. He’s lucky to have music, I don’t.

Seriously, check him out, his music is brilliant.

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Said link now present beneath these words.

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