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Buddhists say…


‘The Buddhists say there are 121 states of consciousness. Of these, only three involve misery or suffering. Most of us spend our time moving back and forth between these three’.

I read those lines yesterday and pasted them into my document for safe-keeping. Another interesting factoid / opinion safely stored to be rolled out and rehashed whenever the need arose.

But then I was thinking, why keep it for later, might as well use it now. It might well be forgotten in a weeks’ time, what with Christmas and everything. And yes, then you have the Christmas thing about giving, so another reason right there to share it? Not that I needed one.

It’s not really a Christmas message is it? Not the type of thing you’d see on a Christmas card? A Buddhist might not even see it since they presumably don’t celebrate Christmas. So I couldn’t inform them about their beliefs. Who is likely to benefit from such a sentiment?

Hey, as a writer, I just put this stuff out there, where it circulates is not really my problem. It made me smile, (my weird sense of humor – it was a knowing smile btw), but the Christmas card idea stuck. Now all I need is a really good Christmas image. Luckily we are in the right place for images.

If nothing else it will find its way into my top ten ideas for today.

Have a good one.

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