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Changing Tides


Before I begin work on a painting for a period I find that I immerse myself in the works of others. Soaking up their influence and how they approach colour,shape and space.

Then I feel I forget it all or discount it and approach the work as I have always done with my own hard won style.

The outcome can vary from the regrettable to the laudable, mostly contentment resides somewhere towards the middle of the spectrum.

I might chide myself when I didn’t use more dark lines and various shades of grey to accentuate minimal colour (That’s my latest gripe), and then I have to remind myself that I was going down that route but it wasn’t working.

Something didn’t feel quiet right.

This does not bode well as an excuse. You should push ahead with the new, until your understanding of what ‘right’ is actually changes.

Everything that was ever new and different never feels quiet right. Just ask every younger generation since time immemorial. They have always asked why are grown-ups such stick in the muds?
Its just change, we don’t like it. Or we say we do and then do everything the same anyway because of this rightness issue.

Change is good, evolving style necessary to make real progress.

Embrace it.

I would like to think that some of these held it tentatively in their grasp. For a time at least.

Happy Friday.

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