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Chicken and egg syndrome


Woody Allen: “I’m a little worried about my brother; he thinks he’s a chicken.”
Counselor: “Have you thought about getting him some help?”
Woody Allen: “I’ve considered that, but we need the eggs.”

We’re all familiar with the chicken and egg syndrome.

Briefly it goes like this –  if a hen insists on eating its own eggs each time it lays one, does it ever occur to the rational of the hen that it might be endangering its very species?

Is said hen some form of unfeeling psychopath? An anomaly that we could easily dismiss, or is there something more disturbing beneath the surface?

Yes, you guessed it – a conspiracy theory.

A convoluted plan for world domination where hens of a certain disposition lull us in to a false sense of compassion for their misdemeanors and wham! they catch us when we least expected it with our defenses down.

It could happen and may well be happening at this very moment in a universe down the road. We need to be on our guard.

After all as Woody Allen said, ‘We need the eggs’ – if nothing else.

What has all this to do with art and painting I hear you ask?

I won’t lie, very little.

But if it makes you feel better then file the mail in the creativity folder.

Guess I better stick this link in as well for balancing the brain.

Happy hen free Wednesday!

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