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I liked this line –

‘Making time to write is making time to connect with yourself’

Nice, nice I like that. Yeah, that’s cool. I get it.

Boring as hell for other people who have to read your stuff, but the sentiment is nice and the heart is in the right place. Its gets a free pass on this site. The party is over there, join the others.

I also like the new notegraphy app that I came across this morning. I now feel the power at my finger tips for an all-out aerial swamping of the internet with my bon mots. Some of them may even be good, we’ll have to wait and see.

The net encourages creativity I’ll give it that. There are no excuses for not sharing your stuff only the walls you chose to apply yourself. This is a golden age after all.

Self-realization through unbridled creativity like never before. Perhaps this is a good time to say that I’ve written a number of stories, short’ish stories and they will be available on Amazon Kindle. The first one will be free to whet your appetite but then you have to pay a suitably paltry sum for the others.

Unbridled creativity has to eat during down time. That rhymes with chow time. I feel a poem coming on.

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