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Crows nesting in an abstract

four crows

A picture attached to an email.

Caption read ‘Crows still throwing sticks into the shed’

I thought by now that the crows would have out grown their need to nest. Already some of their chicks were taking flight from the tallest surrounding tree tops. With varying degrees of success. Surely the mothers have their beaks full with the woes of new parent hood.

Perhaps, the growing stockpile of twigs was for next year?

I clicked ‘view’ on the attached image and it opened sideways.  The buddle of twigs still remained firmly in the centre but now the light was diffuse to the right, ending in brightness. A cross hatch of stray twigs acted as counterpoint.

It was an interesting image, more interesting than originally intended – the simple conveyance of information.

I reckoned if I stared hard enough I would eventually see the visage of some hidden deity but there was more.

It would make a perfect abstract. Is there such a thing. Can such a thing be actually conceived before brush is applied to canvas?

I’ll just have to paint it and see.

Paintings are born in the most mundane and extraordinary places. It’s all in the looking and sometimes the seeing.

Paintings are sold in more pedestrian places such as virtual galleries, but that does not make them any less special.

Happy Friday.

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