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Darren and the panels


four crows


I was in a large DIY Store on the out skirts of town yesterday looking for a tiny bolt to fix a door handle. I asked the lady at the cash register if anyone could help me.  It really was going to be looking for a needle in a haystack

She suggested I could try asking Darren, who was lazily pushing a mop down the center aisle.

Darren took one look at the tiny sample bolt in my hand and when I inquired if the shop had some more similar to it he immediately suggested a small hardware shop in the centre of town.

‘They have loads of stuff like that, don’t know how they do it’ he said as he began to resume pushing the mop, snail like, leaving a wet floor in his wake.

Fortunately the premises did have stacks upon stacks of MDF Panels. You could have any size you want as long as it was 26 x 42 inches. Which is perfect for my paintings.

I took two, and apologized to Darren for walking on his newly mopped floor.

‘It’s cool’ he murmured.

I would have told them that I’m going to gesso these lovelies up and paint something mind blowing but the moment had passed.

The small bolt tingled in my pocket against some loose coins. The door went unfixed, but the panels got gessoed.


Some of these are done on panels, some on canvas.  Either way, we have a robust postal service, they can be yours. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Just ask Darren.

Another week already, like a slow mop across a wet floor.

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