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Dr. Oliver Sacks RIP


I was very saddened to hear of the death of Dr. Oliver Sacks. I’ve written, I think more than a couple of posts about him here on this site.

When my wife told me he had died, I affected a strange indifference. A ‘life happens’ attitude. I have to confess having never actually read one of his books, though we did study him in College, in God knows what kind of course – philosophy of the human person.  I remember the lecturer was particularly fond of Sacks and his case studies, and I guess the interest piqued my interest in turn.

So this morning I was not thinking much of the good doctor’s passing. Then I found myself reading a couple of his obituaries – not very interesting, but they did segue-way into his own articles. His writing is always interesting. He’s a story teller. I like stories.

As I read his words, the thought of his passing struck me more forcibly. He’s gone and we are more the poorer for his passing. But the grave-yards are full of irreplaceable people. We will persevere but perhaps with just a little more sadness today at the loss but also a joy at having known him at least partially through his words.

I suppose there’s nothing like a marketing plug to bring us back to reality. You can check out my painting here.

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