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Eternal Dialogue



I believe the late great Nobel winner Saul Bellow has had another book released about his life.

This time by his son no less, and as you can imagine it claims to be a no holds barred account of the great writer from what can only be termed a very unique perspective.

The son is now in his sixties and is determined to have his say, not that there is anything terribly new to reveal. He just wants to have his say.

Artists will always have their say, that’s one good thing you can be guaranteed they’re good at – having their say.

Their two minutes at the board – explaining.

Granted, no one might be listening but that won’t prevent them from writing, sculpting, painting or baking. Even making jigsaws is a form of having your say.

So we’re talking about humans in general here, expressing them selves.

Or, people finding their artistic voice and giving vent. Good for them.

Everyone, sometimes needs to be heard – even Saul Bellow’s sixty something year old son.

A few of these paintings here are still talking, still trying to figure out what they’re saying.

That’s what makes great art – eternal dialogue.

Have a lovely Wednesday.

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