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Fairy Tales



I like painting fairy tales.

That is a clumsy sentence …I know.

I will try again.

I find fairy tales to be an excellent portal into the world of the imagination. In fairy tales anything goes.

Cats can drink tea, crows can fly unhindered from pies and cows have even been known to jump over the moon.

What’s not to like!!!

As an artist you’re given a carte blanche. Paint that if you will. The only thing binding you is your lack of imagination.

Fairy tales encourage us to imagine, and to build imaginings on top of our imaginings. They ask us to tell our own stories in response.

And that’s what we do as artists. We tell our stories, put them out there and hope they resonate.

Maybe the will, maybe they won’t. That’s not the important things.

The important thing is the freedom to speak and the freedom to imagine.

Amongst life’s greatest gifts and ones we should never take for granted.

A few other possible gifts can be found here.

Have a lovely day.

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