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Fields of sheep and the High altar of Art

cows grazing1

The world agrees that a painting or a poem can reasonably be defined as a piece of art.

Standing on one leg in a field of sheep with no one else around, except some worried looking sheep – might not necessarily be defined as a piece of art.

So what makes a piece of art – common consensus? A commodity with which we can enter into a transaction mode with?

Who says that standing on one leg in a field isn’t a piece of art?

Well, no one really. Do it if you feel it’s necessary and do label it as Art if you feel it is so.

Ah, so it’s a feeling is it? This whole art making business?

Kind of, I guess. But not an entirely subjective feeling, more a common knowing, that this indeed is a piece of Art.

Art implies agreement. Agreement indicates value.

I don’t really like where this logical thought is going. Can we just go back to standing in the field of sheep on one leg?

If you want.

And that’s where I left him. He could still be there today, right now for all I know.

Me, I’m just painting. I like colour. I like ‘purrity’ things. (Snorted laugh)

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