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Good writing Bad Story

I tip my hat

The power of good writing. Does such a thing even exist?

It does.

Currently I’m reading the Norwegian publishing phenomenon that is Knausgaard.

With more than a passing nod to Proust’s ‘Remembrance of things past’ he narrates the uneventful story of his childhood and early adult hood.

There is nothing compelling in it, but the drip drip drip effect of detailed description does draw one in.

It could be roughly summed up as ‘He drinks a lot of coffee and smokes a lot of cigarettes’

So why can’t I put it down?

Because it’s so good – and it shouldn’t be?

Did you ever see a painting like that? A painting that’s so so bad it actually comes full circle and is in fact genius.

Children’s art? The Naive school? Expressionism in general?

I can’t see, only you recognize it when you see it?

Could be even a few lurking here, but these are meant to be good in the old fashioned non-loaded sense of the word!!

I won’t complain.

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