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Hiding from the Centurion



Hiding from the Centurion

What a terrible name for a painting, but don’t blame me. It just came to me on one of those dull days when you’re wondering what to paint next.
The next question is how do you conceive of such a work? How do you bring it to life?

Through hard work and a lot of sketching and learning. Composition, color, perspective, the whole shooting gallery, and even then it might still fall flat on its face.

I’m thinking in terms of a very claustrophobic work. Two figures, almost meshed, cubists’ style. This however is not being borne out by my initial sketches.

I hate too much vacant space in a painting. There should be no such thing. Everything has to do something for a reason, the reason being simply to make the viewer feel something. To make me feel something.

If I can’t reach for that feeling well then it’s going to be nigh impossible for the viewer. In fact all any viewer will feel is an insurmountable disconnect and quickly click away, or walk away.

Not what we are after.

Still not sure what we’re after, but by a process of elimination we may get there. If we don’t and the idea is abandoned, so be it.

Its only art after all.

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