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Ideas and their gestation


I mentioned in a previous post, earlier this week, how I’ve taken to the idea of writing ten new ideas down each day. I have noticed one thing in my note taking – repetition.

Please strive, as indeed I will to make the ideas as fresh or as different as possible.

However, and this is a big caveat, don’t ignore the ones that keep re-appearing on the lists. It’s those in fact which you may accord primary importance and may well be the first ones to be acted on. Which after all is the whole point of the exercise to act on the all-important musings, or else they remain in that heady abstract atmosphere of mere possibilities.

Another development in this area is that I have taken to adding three sketches to my list taking. So now we have ten ideas and three sketches. For me personally it appears to be important that the sketches be from my imagination, not something from my immediate surroundings.

For instance, yesterday I sketched a man killing a chicken for his supper – I won’t go into further details. Another was of a very large man eating a small burger and finally the last sketch was of a very lanky Stromae singing into a microphone – he had caught my attention at that stage.

I don’t think there is any connection between the three, budding Freudian analyst do share. I think this will be a very good exercise to pursue into 2016 and at least it might help alleviate the problem that when I pick up the iPad to sketch out something I won’t be stumped for an idea. A problem which has continued to pursue from my acrylic and canvas days.

Anyway, have a lovely holiday and enjoy the rest. Talk again soon and don’t forget the link to the book. The all-important free book. Appearing now…

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