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Ideas or the lack of them


I had to pause a James Altucher podcast to write this. Granted he was rambling which he is prone to do. If you don’t know who he is, well worth checking out on the Google machine. Occasionally he does come up with some nuggets of inspiration.

For example, write down ten ideas every day.

I’m doing it. Today will be my third day. The ideas can be about anything. Seemingly, according to James, your ideas will get better and stronger and more concrete until you’re almost compelled to realize them.

I always had a problem with ideas, in that mine were nebulous, abstract ghosts. If you stared at them too much they would mutate and shape shift. Moving targets in a sea of fog. So yes, I have a problem with ideas, a difficult relationship. I’m hoping that this practice will improve that area of my life, then all I’ll need to do is work on the actions to bring those ideas into being.

Ah, nothing is easy. Well, nothing worthwhile. If only ideas came forth fully formed and with all the answers tidily attached life would be so much easier. Okay, it might lessen our ability to learn, to resource and grow in self dependence but hey! – Who said anything is perfect?

Seriously, the writing of the ideas, daily, is a good suggestion. Don’t say you have a good memory and you don’t need to write them down and you’ll remember because you don’t, and you won’t. And you’ll be the poorer for it.

The attached image is a practice in itself. Naïve art. How much detail can you add before everything goes south? Is it even art? A lot of the time you have to answer these questions yourself and come up with alternative ways of looking at things. Hence, the ideas.

It’s good to have a plentiful supply of them when the questions come a calling.

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