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Treat those two imposters the same. With the same level of indifference, the exact same sense of distance. They are both just ships passing in the night. Distant fog horns best left unheard.

Praise and criticism.

We all have to live with them, sometimes both at once and with all the ambiguity such a life generates.

There is a way through this. Rise above and simply keep creating great art.

That’s the secret, right there.

Keep creating great art.

Neil Gaiman of the Sandman series said such words to an auditorium packed fully of graduating art majors. It’s on the old You Tube thingy that sits in the corner of monitor.

Will worth checking out.

Even worth more heeding, and putting into practice on a daily basis.

You might even end up with something akin to these beauties here.

Happy Friday.

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