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Inner and outer Critics

plane and friend

I have a problem mixing colours in that I don’t actually mix them.

This can be a fatal flaw if left unchecked and it occurs for a variety of reasons, most noticeably haste.

Painting in haste. Not taking the time to ponder or take a wider perspective.

The flip side to painting in haste is that it stills your inner critic. Your half way through the work before the beastly voice can utter a syllable.

You’re finished for the day before he has found his bearings. Granted a lot of time the work might be an unmixed mess, but it was done in both joy and silence.

Still, sometimes we need to listen to our inner critic as well, much like how you would listen to an irritating relative that filial bonds insist you entertain. Both will have their say.

If you don’t like the conversation – change it.

Some television exec came up with that line but there is truth behind it. Just as there is truth somewhere in the words of our inner critic.

It’s just learning to listen properly, pick out the gems and dispel the rest.

Which is achievable and here’s the proof.

Have a lovely week.

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