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The famous Czech writer – Milan Kundera shares a nice little thought on interpretation and how we can be driven to seek insights into the creator’s mind. Seemingly he had very little time for critics or biographers for that matter, as the following bear’s testimony to.

The novelist demolishes the house of his life and uses its bricks to construct another house: that of his novel. From which it follows that a novelist’s biographers unmake what the novelist made, and remake what he unmade. Their labor, from the standpoint of art is utterly negative, can illuminate neither the value nor the meaning of a novel.

Often our interpretations are just reflections of ourselves and to a great extent say more about us than the actual artist we are interpreting.

We, mere mortals, need not be concerned, unless interpreting the work of others is our mainstay occupation. Instead we can enjoy art for what it is and the feelings engendered.

This takes time, but then again everything takes time.

So, my invitation as always is to linger awhile here.

Slow down the interpreting mind and allow a feeling to arise. The ultimate goal.

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