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iPad art


A piece done on the iPad, no not a self-portrait. Well, perhaps an internal one.

I like him.

Some of the sketch apps are nothing short of amazing. For the first time in a long time I can genuinely say that I’m excited about the prospects of what can be achieved.

Take this piece, a half hour doodle, just taking the stylus for a walk and see where it takes you.

Purists beware, but be equally assured. There is always a place for the bread and butter mix of physical and sweep of hog haired brush that can never be done away with, not in this generation anyway. But you move with the times, as artists you learn to take advantage of the times.

Picasso did. He took advantage of many things in his drive to create something new, something different. The trick is to choose wisely. Either way we are always destined to choose.

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