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Italian Style


Sometimes, most times, you can’t surpass the Italians for style and panache.

Especially when it comes to the arts.

Pinterest is a waste of time as a social media outlet, frankly like most social media platforms, but occasionally it throws up a life changing experience.

Enter the horse and rider images of the now deceased Marino Marini.

What a great name. What a great artist.

I can’t do better than quote the following –

” Marini’s great subject was the horse and rider, a theme he returned to time and time again. He saw the relationship as representing the tensions between man and nature, or reason and sensuality. This theme was also linked to theatricality: Marini would often feature dancers, jugglers and acrobats in his work, such as in the ‘Grande Teatro delle Maschere’ portfolio.”

His paintings are sparse and real.

‘Profound’ is another word I would use, after that I’m silently in awe.

They really struck a nerve with me. His use of colour, the sameness of the subject matter yet the differences.

What more can I say? Except check him out on the platform of your choice.

While your at it, check these out also, the trail far behind, but they are all going ultimately in the same direction.

Happy Thursday.

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