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Jug fell (fortuitously)


Said Jug from previous post fell and had to be patched back up.

Put back together if you will. The pieces didn’t fit. They never do.

But I like this one better.

It was probably the effect I originally intended. Warped, cubist in its yearnings.

Unfortunately or fortunately Picasso didn’t have a free version of Photoshop to manipulate his original images.

But he had his brain and his vision; a potent combination and he sure worked them.

For the rest of us mere mortals – we Photoshop and consider what might have been.

More importantly what could be – next time?

Don’t be constricted by convention, drag the brush backwards down the canvas and take a large masonry brush to the cadmium yellow and crimson red.

You’ll be amazed at the results. If you’re not suitably impressed I would like to suggest hitting the undo button.

But I don’t think one has been invented yet for real life – fortunately (unfortunately?)

If jugs are not your thing – check out here.

And have a lovely Tuesday.

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