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What does one do with large earthen ware jugs?

You fill them with cool clean spring water and go from door to door announcing to the inhabitants their good fortune that you are here.

If you are living in warm climes you’ll probably be welcomed with open arms, dipper at the ready. If you live where it rains regularly, like every other day, you’ll be simply asked

‘What are you doing?’

And told to vacate the doorstep.

Don’t spill the water because the sun will shine again and then – maybe a welcome.

While you’re waiting, leave the jug down and rest.

Leave it in cerulean blue shade and crimson glade sparkle.

Watch the lemon yellow dance with the burnt sienna. Guess as to the water’s temperature while you wait and insist on making things interesting.

Isn’t that what Life is about?

At least you’re in the shade and you have your box of paints. So paint.

Earthen ware water containers have a long and noble history. So I’m led to believe and I must believe since I was compelled to paint one.

I don’t know really why.

All I know is I love Picasso’s still lives and I don’t feel I can paint another figure.

So rest in the shade awhile and sup at your leisure.

Be nourished and have a lovely Monday.

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