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Marching toward October


The weather this morning looked and felt remarkably like late October.

How can that be?

The very beginning of the summer tends to look like the very end of summer, in this country at least.

Darkish, damp mornings but with a hint of underlying warmth. This period will only last maybe a week?  Two at the most, and then its gone. You can no longer see October in March or early April.

So, for artists, particularly painters it’s a good time of the year to work on a complete new series of works.

You aim toward October and keep a steady keel. You see yourself remembering how the weather in March felt and again you will comment on the similarities in the brief prelude to dark winter nights,

But this time, by October, you will be surrounded by the fruits of your labor, a new series of works. And they will always be better than their predecessors.

Some things, simply put, get better with time.

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