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Max Beckmann and the colour Blue


Beckmann is an artist that I have long admired. His figures lack finesse but they have volume and contained in that volume is substance.

It makes you think that there is a parallel universe inhabited by a population of these Beckmann like people, doing all sorts of surprising things.

For his figures are never really static, they are watching or being watched. Most times, both. They have life and they have appeal.

His genius wins out.

I suspect he had proclivity for the colour blue. Maybe he bought it at a knock down price somewhere in pre-war Germany?

He used it well though, and that’s the main thing. Using what small resources you may have and using them well.

Having too much at your feet can lead to paralysis in decision making.

You can have any painting you want as long as it’s blue.

Come to think of it, there seems to be a fair bit of that hue on display here also.

Subconsciously influenced.

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