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Me and Rob – a conversation



Me and Rob – a conversation.

Robert Rauschenberg once wrote:

“Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made. (I try to act in that gap between the two.)”

He hated art school. He said students were just painting knock off Picassos and Matisse’s in different colours.

I felt like saying – ‘Don’t knock it Rob, I would be happy if I could come up with a knock off Picasso’

But I didn’t, instead I listened to the rest of the You Tube clip.

He went on to say he wanted to do something different. Something original, alive and inspiring.

By all accounts he did, though I have to confess I’m not that all familiar with his work. I’m too busy trying to perfect my knock off Picassos.

He would shudder at my attempts when he would see that I can’t even make it to first base.

I would simply tell him

‘They might look derivative Rob, but it’s a new school called Post Modern Pre-Modern Meta Cubism’

For a split second he might even believe that I’m on to something…

Then again…?

Who knows, only time will tell.

The only common denominator of greatness is that at some early stage all the work was cheap to buy.

So get them while they’re hot.

You never can tell.

Friday in the frying pan.

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