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Mooching through life. My primary mode of transport is to mooch. Mooch up to a painting or song and sniff and see, a very canine approach I will grant you that. Primal almost. But it’s more common than you think. We are all moochers in a sense. Cautious of danger no matter how we attempt to convince otherwise. And then we see something that we like, something that resonates with us and suddenly we don’t mooch anymore, we draw strength and energy and vitality. Our confidence grows and relationship is established with the infamous ‘Other’, which is ourselves reflected.

January is a moocher month. We learn to live again and the duvet days are behind us for better or worse. It’s a big world out there. As big or as small as you want to make it. Mooching is fine, acceptable for a limited period. But hopefully you’ll find those things that will connect you with a larger world. For some that is art or music or whatever. I create art, paintings etc. Artists are moochers too, just like you and me. Ah, consolation in numbers. Moochers of the world unite, then go your separate ways.

Draw and paint to hearts delight and confine mooching to the darkness of early January morns.

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