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Motifs and the like



I don’t normally say this but…Motif.

Motif. Nice word, sounds French, but what does it mean exactly?

I have a generalized idea of where one could slot it into a conversation without looking too much of a fool, but then again…

Perhaps I should elaborate what it means to me.

A motif is a theme. Themes for artists are akin to relationships. Some relationships are important, some you discontinue as soon as you become aware of some underlying current or simply realise you have no further interest.

Case in point the attached image. Hiding from the Centurion. The iPad allows me quickly to investigate, nay experiment with a theme and see where I stand in relation to it.

If I like it, if I want to dig further, I can easily do that with the iPad. The image on the iPad takes forty minutes max; to paint such an image on canvas would take me about a month! And then I might as readily disregard it as another blind alley. Gather your silver linings where you may, but time is time and it isn’t coming back.

The iPad on the other hand allows me to investigate at will, with minimum fuss, even sitting with the kids while the television is humming in the corner. Thank God for technology.

You can even type cool little reminder comments on the bottom of images for posterity.

When you find that motif that sticks, squeeze out the paint and dust off the brushes, we’re going manual. Old School.

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