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On Finishing and Final Flourishes


Sometimes finishing a painting can be just as hard as starting one.

I’m good at middles. Beginnings and endings and the bits immediately either side of them offer difficulties.

Or should I say challenges? – challenging difficulties.

It’s about having the confidence to leave well enough alone. To resist that one final temptation to try and make things better.

It’s too late to make things better.

In many respects, for me at least, the cast is die; there can be no improvements because everything has followed a natural sequence in development from the foundations you laid at the beginning.

‘Dtus maith, leath na hoibhre’

An old Irish saying – a good start is half the battle.

I’m sure every culture has their own variation on these words.

They point to a fundamental truth that’s easily evidenced in the painting game.

But not too worry, one of the great things about life and painting, is we can always begin again and chose differently.

That’s why no matter how I may improve with the years, I would never change these works. They hold a precious germ of truth and for that I thus honor them.

Another happy Monday in the beginnings of spring.

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