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Picasso and his notions

Picasso’s work is always deserving of further study. Where hands end feet begin. Angle of arched heads are assumed as shoulder blades and all falls into a coherent whole as if it was always meant to be that way.

The deceiving thing is he makes it look easy and haphazard and his work the jurisdiction of the precocious six year old. Yet, it’s anything but simple to execute.

He was an artist who knew all the rules, painted by all the rules and then had the reservoir of talent to go and break all rules. One by one.

He was also a magpie for ideas.

Matisse, his friend would hate to see him visiting his studio because he knew he was coming largely to get ideas. To rob them if necessary.

He had no way to prove it of course because Picasso was able to reinterpret what he had seen and use it for his own ends.

But Matisse, an almost equal talent, could clearly see this happening and it was frustrating. Nothing you can really do about it except smile and say ‘Bon Chance’.

Picasso was also hugely prolific in his output so he needed a lot of ideas for a lot paintings. The scholars suggest that toward the end of his life he was running short and a lot of his stuff was recycled.

Maybe this was what killed him in the end – Death by exhaustion…of ideas?

Then again he was in his nineties.

Few good ideas in here, worthy of your slate white walls.

Remember, Good ideas keep giving.

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