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clowns arguing

‘The Man who planted Trees’ A short fable by Jean Giono.

Simply beautiful. Thought provoking, sad, moving and uplifting.

And totally made up. In other words – Fiction. Hence the word ‘fable’.

‘I just wanted people to respect and have an appreciation of trees’ he countered when the millions entranced by the tale realised their folly and turned on him.

But there was no folly, that’s what artist do.

We make things up. We use our imagination when we come up against the confines of reality. It’s called creativity and it’s a double edged sword.

Does it make the creations any less real?

I don’t think so. There is a shared consciousness and we all have equal access.

You notice it when you hear a really good piece of music which is totally new but seems like you heard it a thousand times before. But no, it’s new.

New, in one sense of the word.

We recognise the things we once knew but somehow for some reason forget through the ongoing journey.

No need to be angry just be grateful for the revelation that you’re meeting a new friend in a piece of art. Paradoxically, one you knew all along.

Might be a couple lurking here…get them while they’re hot. (Cheap un-philosophical plug over)

Enjoy your day.

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