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Play Please


Creativity is intelligence at play.

Where does the need to play come from?

In the evolution scheme of things it would, you would think, make us more susceptible to attack.

You can see the headlines on the cave wall – ‘Unsuspecting humans eaten by tiger while playing’

If such was the case the need for play would have been bred out of our species by now.

Yet, we persist in our games and in our creativity.

It’s no surprise to hear that studies have been done, on rats of course.

Seemingly the ability to play engenders social skills, even in rodents. Which enable a symbiotic form of living to emerge which aids survival.

We play in order to survive.

We create in order to make sense of our reasons for survival. And we pass those reasons on to the next generation and the next.

It’s good to create. A cake. A jigsaw. Arrange flower.

Its doesn’t have to be art in the conventional sense. We just need to work that brain.

If painting is your thing, then there’s plenty to look at over here.

If not, there’s still a whole world available if we have the eyes to see it. And we will.


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