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phone nails

Woody’s DIY. The best little DIY Shop the west has ever seen.

I’m there, picking up a large box of rat poison (Don’t ask), when I find myself gravitating to my usual sections. The prints and the pre-cut panels.

The prints are nice, the panels are better.

The panels are blank, MDF, smooth and inviting.

The prints are of flowers, couples dancing and a nondescript landscape or two.

People buy the prints in the DIY Store but they don’t buy the panels, because they can’t hang a blank piece of MDF Board on their walls – or can they? (Modern Art? – might pass)

But I can, trouble is ‘Does the world need another painting?’

I stand there, rat poison under arm, pondering this question.

It’s a big question and I would probably still be there if the shop assistant had not asked if I wanted to pay for said poison.

I looked at the box, an oversize rodent with it’s hairy snout in the air.

A collage perhaps?

‘Excuse me?’

I apologise and proffer my money saying I better get one of these as well, lifting the MDF Panel into his arms.

‘You never know when you might need one’

He taps the amounts into the cash register humming under his breath. He could have been saying ‘Weirdo, weirdo, weirdo alert’ for all I know.

I was too busy thinking about the next piece. There will always be a next piece.

And old pieces of course too.

Happy, happy Friday

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