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Ponderings of a Humpty Dumpty


What would a new painting look like?

Most probably the same at the ones that have gone before.

Not necessarily. Things can be different if we so choose.

Well, therein lays a philosophical debate spanning the centuries.

So it’s worthy of our engagement? Yes.

You could just update Facebook? Granted, that would be easier.

Maybe that’s the problem with Facebook and with all virtual modalities similar to it – too easy to waste time.

I’m browsing my old paintings, considering what my next painting will be like. I would like it to be different. To break new ground. To represent the advent of a new horizon.

You always say that.

Yes, I do. But this time I mean it. A return to Oils? Perhaps, but we need to go deeper than just a change in mediums, granted it’s a laudable suggestion.

This painting is called ‘Humpty falls the second time’.

A reminder that it is possible to shake up subject, medium, indeed life itself. Turn things on their heads and look anew.

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