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Pretty Vs Beautiful


This latest work ‘Girl with Flower’ is a pretty painting. Pretty face, nice colors, pleasing to the eye. If pretty is your thing.

We have a tendency to prettify things. We want nice images to hang on our walls. We don’t really agree with Picasso’s summation of art being an instrument of war.

It depends on our mood, or where we’re at in our lives.

Sometimes we need to be challenged, other time rest is the key.

Our choices in art can reflect that.

Personally I was never into vases of flowers. Never could see the point. Let them live outside rather than wither and die in a vase.

Yet paintings of vases of flowers sell. People have insatiable appetite for a good vase of flowers, as indeed they do for all things pretty.

I think I painted this work with that in mind. It has flourishes and indulgence and naivety. Everything the buying public wants and like and feel they need.

Next I will paint the gnarled arthritic hands of a very old woman. They may not be pretty but they are beautiful.

Which would you prefer to place on your wall?


Well there might be something here, just waiting for you then. Have a look and see.

And have a lovely weekend.

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