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Quashing Whiteness


With each end comes a new beginning.

I’ve spoken a lot over the past few days about the process of bringing a painting to a close. The varnishing, the framing, the saying goodbyes, now its time to change the tempo.
We find ourselves invariably drawn to beginnings. Our greatest enemy is the blank canvas, but it is also our truest friend. It holds possibility and hope.

Potential waits to be unleashed, yet it is hard to stay in that place of anticipation. Our greatest fears lie in anticipation so we want to quash them immediately by quashing the whiteness of a new virginal canvas.

Instead sit back and think of all that is possible.

Do something different purely for the sake of being different.

It might open new pathways, then again it might just irritate, who knows?

You’ll never know till you try.

Till tomorrow

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