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Would you like to read one of my stories?

The stories that feed the art and vice versa. You know the ones I keep harping on about but you never actually see. Now you can and it’s Christmas, so it’s the time for giving.

So for the amazingly give away low price of fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents…. That’s a joke, sorry.

Seriously, I have been writing stories, lots of them and I want to give you a taste of what they’re like. You might enjoy, you might even love them.

I’ve put them up on Amazon, one of which is free to download and read. Link will follow in tomorrow’s mail.

Amazon doesn’t like giving things away for free, hence the delay, but I managed to convince them to make an exception in this case. My team talked to their team and they saw the light of day, that’s all I can say for the moment without going into too much legal jargon. (That’s a joke as well BTW).

But the link tomorrow? That’s no joke. So till then, learn to live with the anticipation. Talk then.

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