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Retrofit Improvements – Beware


There is a painting of mine I particularly like – of Daffodils.

The vase that holds the flowers is elongated, far from practical but its curves break up the canvas perfectly.

The Daffodil heads peer out of an inordinately small opening. All far from practical. In fact it gives a sense of suffocation.

Still it works. Sometimes the best conceived and brilliantly executed ideas fall through, because they lacked that…that something.

I have a problem however.

I want to make it better.

Well, not so much want as feel I could make it better. Or perhaps just curiosity is driving me.

The colours are mainly derivatives of different hues of yellow. Warm and warmth and all that goes with it.

I want to apply a wash of ivory black. Then rub it off with a damp cloth and see the effect on the flowers.

More definition I’m immediately guessing, and perhaps that ‘pop’ 3D effect?

Who knows? I’ll never do it. After all it could ruin a perfectly good piece that is already framed and hanging on what little wall space I have left.

The only trouble is – There is always a better idea. And this applies to works we formerly had thought were finished.

The mind never stops, but we have to decide when to let it go.

It’s the potential buyer’s duty to take on these, before the artist attempts retrofitted ‘improvements’ which is rarely a good idea. In hindsight.

Friday. Man Friday. Foot prints from a week that was.

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