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Seventh Sense

The Muse

I had been tackling a large abstract over the long bank holiday weekend.

Huge Masonite board procured, gessoed repeatedly, then more gesso putting off those inevitable first painful strokes.

Kill the whiteness, kill the whiteness!! Arrgh it’s blinding – the whiteness.

I killed the whiteness only to re-introduce it again later. Painting an abstract is like driving without a roadmap, in the dark, backwards down a country lane.

You develop a sixth (or seventh?) sense for what works and what does not.

It’s easier to recognise what does not.

A lot of paint can be spilled in the process of elimination. Listen to that seventh sense; it wants to tell you something.

Remember everything you have learnt and then please be willing to forget it. This is an abstract after all.

The result, almost predictable, but we won’t stop there. This is just the beginning. Toe in the water if you will.

Crocodiles lurk unmoving.

Photos will be posted shortly; meanwhile let’s take a quality trip down memory lane when life was much simpler.

The week is off and running – enjoy.

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