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I have not been doing much painting in the formal sense of the word in the past couple of weeks. Such downtime in the past would instil a sense of fear and foreboding but not so now. Perhaps the years have taught me something about letting go and seeing what presents itself. To trust.

The desire to paint certainly has not left me. I read a lot about art, culture and all those good things that make our lives better. I also read about all the things that supposedly makes our life and health worse. I guess you could say I’m standing back and informing myself. I’m slow to form opinions one way or the other. Let’s just observe for now and get a felt sense for how it all feeds into that desire to paint. God forbid I might actually have something original to say in my work when the time comes to resume. That would be a turn-up for the books!

I’ve always held the opinion that all true art is soul work. Your soul being pushed out in places that you didn’t know even existed. That work never dies, you take it with you. All other opinions don’t really matter, – that is the work that matters. Paintings will come and go, but that element remains and is eternally important and is eternally a gift. You give this gift to yourself, you share it with others.

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