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It might be helpful of thinking in terms of conversation, when one considers purchasing a painting, or indeed any work of art.

Conversations die, they flare up, they continue, they change and evolve.

A person’s relationship with a genuine work of art is similar.

For instance, the first faltering words are addressed by the artist or creator of the piece. He/she dialogues with some aspect of an inner or outer life and waits for an answer. The answer is manifest in the finished work.

The viewers of the work might just happen to know instinctively, almost intuitively what is being said, for others, most others, it may well remain a foreign language of which they have little or no access.

If you find yourself, dear viewer, in that enviable position of looking at a work of art and saying to yourself ‘I know what they’re saying here’, I would encourage you to join in.

Take the baton, pay the money, own the piece and don’t let the conversation die.

If you don’t agree with what is being said, change it. You have that power.

Maybe that’s the real magic and alchemy of art, it keeps on giving and there’s always room for another in its own private realm.

A few conversations here, take time to listen, you might just be surprised at what you hear.

Friday. At long last, the welcoming shore of Friday. Even if it’s just a mirage.


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