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Tao Tao now now

There is a new painting in the pipe line. I say that with a level of excitement, mixed with expectation.

Like you, I really have little idea of what it may consist of.

For this brief respite I am reveling in the Tao of the moment, when all is possible. Perfect splendid anticipation.

When the first strokes are laid down that moment will be gone.

One brush stroke suggests the next and we can fall into a grove if we don’t keep our awareness about us. It’s like hand writing, your style seeps through sometimes despite yourself.

But handwriting can become better; it’s not necessarily set in stone. We still insist on the power to choose our individual destinies, even if it’s only played out on the canvas.

The view is nice from such a vantage, but you have to paint now.

These have been laid down, but they are good and they have traveled from a good place.

Art. (sigh)

Have a lovely peaceful early July Friday.

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