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The boy who followed the butterfly

Butterflies are immensely chase-able. Especially to small children. I watch my own kids run after the soft white winged variety that like to feed on cabbages.

They never succeed in catching one – luckily for the poor butterfly, but the fun is all in the chase and the joy of anticipation.

This image is from a small children’s book I wrote called ‘The boy who followed the Butterfly’.  I illustrated the story myself with full scale paintings. The whole thing was terribly uneconomical but I got a kick out of doing it.

There’s a few copies still floating around somewhere in the ether.

Lately, I’ve taken to picking a painting and just taking my imagination for a walk with regards to a story surrounding the work, involving the particular painting.

These stories will be available to read…they are only about three thousand words long, but they might take you to interesting places.

It’s an amazing exercise, the story you start today could be different than the one you would begin tomorrow, for the exact same painting.

At least the painting itself provides a focus.

So watch this space for more and focus on these till then.

Wishing you a lovely Friday.

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