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The Key


Simplicity is key to some paintings. It’s a tightrope and one from which I’ve fallen many times.

Simplicity in a painting is never enough, you as an artist always feel you can draw more from the well.

Simplicity is an art in itself and one which we learn slowly with time. Yes, less is sometimes more.

A sparse landscape with four trees. They are in foliage so it must be late spring, summer. They are the same but different and their differences are real and tangible.

One is large at the sides, another – an errant branch hangs down at the sides. They are all different sizes. You can see that even from a distance where things assume an amazing regularity.

The painting did not take long to complete, only fifteen years.

I will post it shortly; perhaps even have a few more words to say about it.

‘Till then, there are these. Each reached completeness in its own way.

Happy Sunny Tuesday.

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