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The painting of a landscape

cows grazing1

“The Hills are alive with the sound of music” she sings throwing her hands up in the air and swirling around…over a sharp cliff?

No, there was no cliff, she continued singing and the landscape was magnificent. Memories can be unruly things.

I haven’t seen the film in an age, but I’m reminded of it again looking across the beautiful May landscapes that we are blessed with in this country.


We pay the price in rain and high winds, but then we reap the rewards and those rewards are green.

Fifty shades of Green. Grays are boring; give me green any day of the week.

I wish I was a landscape painter. There would be no end to inspiration.

Your wish is my command.

Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Just paint and see where the image takes you.

Modern landscape abstracts. A criss cross of greens reaching a crescendo. The month of May is that apex especially when the sun is shining and the living is easy.

Enough, there are paintings to be made, and miles to go before we sleep.

Some already complete, admittedly not landscapes. But first we have to make room for the new.

Amen to that.

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