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The Red October has been found washed ashore, belly up.


Two boards ready to go. Not surf boards, but occasionally I do find myself clinging to them for life.

These boards are the kind you gesso and sand, gesso and sand until that happy painting surface is achieved.

For these two, it has been achieved.

I’ve decided to work in tandem, two different ideas, working on both simultaneously.

It’s not productivity drive, it’s a creativity speculation.

Can you speculate in creativity? I think you can but what do the profits look like? How do they manifest?

We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?

I had an approach, and an idea for both which immediately got flung out the proverbial window when the first strokes of green were laid down with a large wall brush.

Now I’m in Jackson Pollack mode, a representational Pollack.

I’m not allowing myself to be completely rid of limitations. I have an idea and that idea implies limitations, but I don’t really know what that idea is (?)

If I was a submarine commander in enemy waters I would be promptly removed from my post by my trusty second in command, possibly at gunpoint. The gun is for show, as I would go willingly.

That would be easy.

But instead I’m an artist trying to figure out what the next paintings are going to be like and to keep the flame alive.

Periscope down, we’re going in.

The remnants of past battles are available here.

Happy Easter.

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