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The test of time

I had the pleasure of watching the first hour of Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest ‘ last night. The rare privilege of seeing James Mason and Cary Grant share a scene.

Were they great actors?

Thought it was all a bit hammy to be honest but who cares, there was greatness there. 1959 was a period of renewed hope and rebuilding of the world’s shattered economies.

There were other darker factors at play also, the threat of nuclear extinction being the most prominent. Hitchcock played with all these themes in his works and he managed to get the best out of his actors.

There is always something new to seen in those films no matter how often one may have already seen them.

Maybe that’s what great art is? Being surprised by the perpetual newness of the work which seems to be able to constantly renew and reinvent itself.

These paintings too will stand the test of time, for those lucky enough to have acquired one.

No cameos appearances by me though, lurking in the background.

Happy Tuesday.

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