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The Zen of Painting


Take a deep breath, stand back and mix your colours.

Calmly apply them.

If they are not working, take them off again with self same calmness.

The Zen of painting.

Failing that, throw the painting from the top storey window and scream at the neighbors.

Don’t worry, they’re used to it.

And they have acquired a tidy collection of half finished paintings by now. Gifts on the lawn.

Found in early morning light once the artist next door has been up all night.

Manna from heaven. Money in the pocket.

Those paintings might be worth something in the future he tells them in a rare moment of calm.

They’re just happy he’s not screaming.

They’ll give him a percentage when he’s gone.

Thankfully these never made it to the lawn but to this virtual gallery instead.

Lucky you. Lucky me.

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