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Them and what they do say


There is meant to be a solar eclipse this morning. Mid morning to be exact, the most dramatic of its kind in decades.

They always say that.

The proverbial ‘they’ also say don’t look at it, which make me question why ‘they’ told us about it in the first place? – if we weren’t meant to look at it.

‘Struck blind’ one passing medical commentator said on the radio this morning.

‘Possible irreparable damage’ intoned another, hedging his bets.

If you did look at it, and did manage to see it and did on the off chance end up blind, I was thinking you would have to live with a pervading feeling of stupidity for the rest of your life.

‘Why DID I look at that damn solar eclipse thingy!!’

As you search aimlessly for your white cane.

They would be right, won’t they?

So I’m not going to look at it, and I would advise you the same.

If you are however in need of viewing some natural beauties, please indulge your need here.

You won’t be struck blind, but you might be kicking yourself in years to come.

Or perhaps not, who can say? Hedge your bets.

Have a lovely, non-visual impairing Friday!

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